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Hi Livejournal [Sep. 25th, 2013|05:29 am]
What's been up with me?

I went to Middlebury's intensive German program this summer. I learned a lot of German and placed into language level C1 at the Goethe-Institut. It is entirely too difficult, but it's a chance to challenge myself.

I'm almost finished with applications for DAAD and Fulbright grants to Heidelberg to study for a master's degree in philosophy. I want to study Hegel, the dialectic, and the history of metaphysics. That is all extremely terrifying, considering I've been learning German for less than three months.

I'm taking Ancient Greek and French lessons. I'm not progressing nearly as quickly as I'd like, yet I still feel overwhelmed.

My Spanish is strangely better than ever.

I'm not sure about grad school in the USA or Canada. I'm considering applying to master's, but not doctorates, since I need some more experience with philosophy before I feel comfortable jumping in.

Overall the last months have been a period of growth.